Data Analytics

Data Analytics

Data Analytics Across industries, data analytics are helping businesses to become smarter, more productive and
Sales Performance Insight

Sales Performance Insight

Sales and Marketing Insight Irrespective of industry every executive, is pressured to produce maximum out from
Analytics in Pharma and Life Sciences

Analytics in Pharma and Life Sciences

Analytics in Pharma and Life Sciences It streamlines processes through universal view of the data. The pharma and
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  • Expand the Business

    Expand the business by having day, month, yearly and at the moment depiction of behavior, trend and pattern on all the key aspects of Sales and Marketing. Increases natural lead era. Increase market lead transformation by focusing on "sweet spot" lead competitors taking into account past change achievement. Increase the productivity at the different segments. Determine "at-danger" opportunities keeping in mind the end goal to mediate at fitting time. Ability to decide the maintenances, misfortunes, development elements and make the lead generation and in addition positioning very profitable. The solution that alerts the entrepreneur to change direction due to limitations of current market trends/behavior.

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  • Beat the Competitors

    Identify market trends well ahead of the competitor. Understand client conduct. Reinforce accuracy and confidence in decisions. Understand your information/data better by finding discovering patterns and trends in your structured and unstructured data. Ability to connect, see and manage from Strategy till the strategic operations through a bound together view and the brought together information window which empowers the fast and certain basic leadership and observing. Ability to see through all the reliance elements before taking any choices. The full-arrangement of accessible decision points for the end client to take care of the business issue. The data-driven insights that result enable smarter and clearer decision-making. Event driven alarms to give actionable intelligence. Tangible advantages to the IT divisions in reducing the budgets towards maintaining numerous applications, immoderate blunders of data consistencies and multiple data consistency checks and Data maintenance as per the data governance life cycle. A BA analytics solution which compares the product wise - current performance with past performance and thereby enabling companies to take better decisions for product profitability.

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  • Track Sales and Marketing Effectiveness

    All time with at whatever time Snap shot. Automate procedure to pull monetary and campaign/promotional data from various, united sources with right semantics and information quality expansion. Perform rolling analysis of marketing campaigns/promotional activity. Gain knowledge into key marketing performance indicators – responses, conversion rates, pipeline, leads. Track and investigate cross channel activities and follow up on information in a convenient way. Thoroughly comprehend execution of marketing spending, assets and showcasing resources. Achieve an entire 360° perspective of marketing exercises. Understand the markets & market dynamics, the competitors, activities, and see it connected up till the individual client knowledge and client dynamics for the market with all trends and patterns to make the advertising activities an enormous achievement.

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  • Dependable Analytics for Life Sciences SCM

    iCAST Symphony helps you realize measurable improvements in procurement, Supply Chain and Delivery – the entire chain. Optimize buying -Analyze purchase to ensure goods are purchased from cost-effective, reliable and Quality sources. Gain knowledge into supplier performance - Analyze buying patterns, deliveries, supplier responsiveness, quality and ensure high availability at reduced cost. Meet changing supply chain demands - Use supply chain operations flow with the sales trends, demand patterns and future products plans and hence organize & optimize the entire chain to get the highest benefit. Consolidate performance at every aspect of the chain and combine it in different ways to find the point where production, forecasts, supplier performance and other elements intersect to provide the greatest gains to: Redistribute inventory to respond to increased customer demand in   different regions.Identify under-performing areas in-terms of order fulfilment and improve on the same.Focus on logistics performance to improve delivery and reduce costs.Reassess and optimize the product mix for a specific region. Analyze and optimize the inventory to ensure that there is the most optimum buy, handle and produce life cycle and the organizations greatly benefit out of the right and proper quality materials at the best prices with reliable supply both at the in-ward supply as well as the finished goods distribution. With the ability to anticipate optimal inventory levels from the supply chain to store shelves, iCAST inventory analytics areas can help your organization. Manage physical and virtual assets for peak profitability.Plan and reduce working capital requirements.Identify the right physical inventory for your supply chain.Determine optimal purchase levels to support production facilities.Ensure the right production plans to avoid work force and machine power wastage.Align the market demands with procurement, inventory and production planning.

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  • Position the Products Effectively

    Competitive Positioning being the prime priority for Life Sciences companies iCAST has the ability to compare with competitors on product wise; region wise & customer type and position the product at its best price. Get the best out of the Markets, Customer, Channel, Prescribers, Period, Place, Marketing Communications and Employees with the advanced Cost. Ability to draw in and hold most profitable clients, prescribers and representatives. Decrease of direct showcasing costs by focusing on the right portion for gainful deals, lessening requirement for extra contact records, email and regular postal mail battles. Optimization of marketing budget spend to guarantee money is designated accurately and ideally (ROMI). Score on the Customer needs and feed backs with the goal that leads can be brilliantly directed to the right medical representative when the lead is prepared. Have the best understanding on the Customer segments, markets, Channel and Employee so that the positioning and sales extensions are exceptionally powerful. Increase the quality and number of leads due to targeted marketing efforts. Target markets through any technique including demographics, geography, psychographics, and so forth., (micro segmentation). Understand and follow up on the dynamics of the market sectors to guarantee proactively that there is dependably an ideal position for the Enterprise. Identifies attributes that lead to defection, delivering real-time retention offer.

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  • Increased ROI

    Every metric in iCAST Symphony Analytics   gives a performance improvement in the Organization due to the deep insight, trending and monitoring. The 1000 + prebuilt metrics of iCAST Symphony Analytics improve every possible area and give accumulative benefits that will improve all associated factors of the metrics.

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