iCAST Symphony helps you realize measurable improvements in procurement, Supply Chain and Delivery – the entire chain. Optimize buying -Analyze purchase to ensure goods are purchased from cost-effective, reliable and Quality sources. Gain knowledge into supplier performance - Analyze buying patterns, deliveries, supplier responsiveness, quality and ensure high availability at reduced cost. Meet changing supply chain demands - Use supply chain operations flow with the sales trends, demand patterns and future products plans and hence organize & optimize the entire chain to get the highest benefit. Consolidate performance at every aspect of the chain and combine it in different ways to find the point where production, forecasts, supplier performance and other elements intersect to provide the greatest gains to:

Redistribute inventory to respond to increased customer demand in   different regions.
Identify under-performing areas in-terms of order fulfilment and improve on the same.
Focus on logistics performance to improve delivery and reduce costs.
Reassess and optimize the product mix for a specific region.

Analyze and optimize the inventory to ensure that there is the most optimum buy, handle and produce life cycle and the organizations greatly benefit out of the right and proper quality materials at the best prices with reliable supply both at the in-ward supply as well as the finished goods distribution. With the ability to anticipate optimal inventory levels from the supply chain to store shelves, iCAST inventory analytics areas can help your organization.

Manage physical and virtual assets for peak profitability.
Plan and reduce working capital requirements.
Identify the right physical inventory for your supply chain.
Determine optimal purchase levels to support production facilities.
Ensure the right production plans to avoid work force and machine power wastage.
Align the market demands with procurement, inventory and production planning.

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