Competitive Positioning being the prime priority for Life Sciences companies iCAST has the ability to compare with competitors on product wise; region wise & customer type and position the product at its best price. Get the best out of the Markets, Customer, Channel, Prescribers, Period, Place, Marketing Communications and Employees with the advanced Cost. Ability to draw in and hold most profitable clients, prescribers and representatives. Decrease of direct showcasing costs by focusing on the right portion for gainful deals, lessening requirement for extra contact records, email and regular postal mail battles. Optimization of marketing budget spend to guarantee money is designated accurately and ideally (ROMI). Score on the Customer needs and feed backs with the goal that leads can be brilliantly directed to the right medical representative when the lead is prepared. Have the best understanding on the Customer segments, markets, Channel and Employee so that the positioning and sales extensions are exceptionally powerful. Increase the quality and number of leads due to targeted marketing efforts. Target markets through any technique including demographics, geography, psychographics, and so forth., (micro segmentation). Understand and follow up on the dynamics of the market sectors to guarantee proactively that there is dependably an ideal position for the Enterprise. Identifies attributes that lead to defection, delivering real-time retention offer.

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